Sonic Figura 6 cm Surtida


Figura inspirada en uno de los personajes del videojuego Sonic. La figura es articulada y tiene un tamaño de 6 cm aproximadamente. Recomendado a partir

Sonic The Hedgehog Action Figure 2.5inPRODUCT SUMMARY Recreate the action from the Sonic video games. Articulated for ultimate pose-ability! Collect all the Sonic The Hedgehog 2.5 figures! Each is sold separately.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2.5 Classic Figure - Sonic

Sonic The Hedgehog - Figura de acción de Sonic The Hedgehog con colas, nudillos, Amy Rose y figura de sombra. Figuras de acción de 4 pulgadas - Sonic The Hedgehog Toys

Sonic Figura 6 cm Surtida

Sonic Figura 10 cm Surtida

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Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the worlds most iconic video game characters of all time. Along with his friends Tails, Knuckles and Amy, Sonic speeds around the planet to battle injustice and defeat his arch nemesis, the evil Dr. Eggman. The six inch scale Sonic Collector Edition customizable figure is sure to be a hit with kids, collectors and Sonic fans alike! Mix and match the 12 swappable pieces, including hands, eyes and mouths to build your favorite Sonic expression.

Sonic The Hedgehog Collector Edition Action Figure

Figura Sonic de 7cm Surtida, Productos

Sonic Figura 10 cm Surtida

Sonic Figura Articuladas 4 pulgadas con accesorios W11 Surti

FIGURA SONIC STDO 3 MODELOS al por Mayor ≫ Plasticosur

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